Waterflow balancing


A correctly water balanced air conditioning system offers substantial energy savings and comfort improvements. Previously, when most systems were small and energy was cheaper, water balancing had less impact on businesses. But today, with larger systems and increased demand for comfort and energy efficiency, the more out of balance your system is, the more problems you create.

Technical Details

Water balancing is an important aspect of air conditioning set up and maintenance. It ensures stable and accurate control of closed-circuit, forced circulation water systems, for heating and cooling. In such systems, waterflow can sometimes be too high or too low in, both of which cause problems.

Airlab Solution

To realise substantial energy savings and comfort improvements Airlab undertake a comprehensive water balancing procedure. There are three key areas that need to balance so that the controllers can function as intended.

  1. Circuits on the plant’s production (primary) side must be balanced to get design flows through boilers and chillers and to make the production side compatible with the distribution (secondary) side at all loads.
  2. Circuits on the distribution side of the plant must be balanced to make at least design flows available to all control valves and terminals at all loads.
  3. The control loops must be balanced to ensure good working conditions for the control valves and to make primary and secondary flows compatible.