Monitoring the Indoor Environment


Indoor air quality can be affected by a huge range contaminants. From gases and chemicals, to particles and fungi – pollutants in many different forms can lead to low quality indoor air. In some cases indoor air quality has been linked to different health problems.

Impact on Businesses

In the workplace, indoor air quality can have a major effect on productivity. Research has proven that people in an environment with poor quality indoor air are less able to work and are absent more often. Meaning that ultimately, the business loses money.

Airlab Solution

Our indoor air experts sample and test the air for the full range of contaminants. The information gathered is then used to assess occupant health complaints. Once the source of the problem has been identified, Airlab can recommend long-term solutions. We believe it is essential that businesses review indoor air quality on an ongoing basis, so that people that that live and work in buildings feel comfortable and confident about their indoor air quality.

For a more in-depth discussion of the effects of poor quality indoor air, see the Air Quality Information section.