Microbial Contamination


The presence of active microbial contamination in a HVAC system, or within an occupied building could indicate more serious problems. Microbes flourish in certain areas of the ventilation system include cooling coils, condensate pans, filters and humidification systems. They also grow well on wet ductwork surfaces, including duct lining.

Impact on Businesses

As with other indoor air issues, poor quality air can effect staff wellbeing and in turn their productivity. Current regulations clearly state that employers must make every effort to keep employees safe at work. Health effects associated with biological pollutants are varied and range from mild allergic reactions to more serious diseases.

Airlab Solution

Before removing the contaminants, it is important to identify the sources of the outbreak and discover the cause of the contamination. Simply removing organisms without addressing the root cause will not deliver a little long-term solution. Airlab begins by identifying the cause of the contamination. We then control the contaminated area to prevent the spread of fungi/bacteria. All contaminated dust, debris etc are removed and affected areas are treated with an anti-microbial chemical if necessary. This means that we correct the problem that has caused the microbial contamination as well as removing the microbes.