Laminar flow clean workstations


A clean laminar workstation is an enclosure within a work zone that provides a controlled environment and protects products from contamination. But it does not provide personnel or environmental protection. It contains its own air filtration system as well as motor blowers that supply the HEPA filtered, laminar flow air within the work zone.


To achieve the best product protection from your workstation it is recommended that the workstation be located in a Class 350 clean environment (or cleaner). As well as operating as a secondary barrier against possible contamination, it also prolongs the life of workstation filters. For sterile products prepared using aseptic techniques, a double barrier facility is often required.

Other Performance Issues

The way that the clean workstation is used can affect its performance. The workstation must also be situated so that it avoids compromising clean workzone integrity. Other important areas to consider with clean workstations are secondary barriers and cleaning practices.

Airlab Solution

Our experienced testing laboratory experts can provide testing and certification of your clean workstations and associated cleanroom environments. We can develop a regular testing, maintenance and certification routine, and assist with the design and commissioning of cleanrooms. By taking advice on installation and use, you can ensure that contamination problems are limited to operator error.