HEPA filter testing


High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters have been used as filtration devices for more than 50 years. Their high efficiency at sub-micron particle sizes makes them suitable in areas where cleanroom conditions and contamination control are critical.

Testing and Standards

To test the filter, an ‘aerosol challenge’ is introduced into the HEPA filter. Measurements of air are taken downstream to discover how well the filters and support frames perform. The frequency of filter tests depends on how the facility is used. In some circumstances HEPA filters may need to meet specific guidelines, such as TGA, GMP and FDA requirements, or Australian and ISO Standards. Some bio-containment facilities have stringent requirements and may need to be decontaminated before testing. Generally however, all HEPA filters should be integrity tested when installed, and then at least every twelve months.

Airlab Solution

HEPA filter testing is extremely important to confirm that the filters are properly installed and are not leaking. All Airlab integrity tests are conducted in accordance with AS 1807.6 (determination of integrity of terminally mounted HEPA filter installations) and AS 1807.7 (determination of integrity of HEPA filter installations not terminally mounted).