We often need to measure environment parameters such as temperature or humidity to gather factual data on what is actually happening with air conditioning equipment. Instantaneous data measurements provide a quick snapshot of the parameter(s) in question, but they can often be misleading – especially if the reading is a “blip” or freak that does not reflect the normal conditions. With datalogging we can monitor conditions in real-time and develop useful graphs. Datalogging over a period of time such as a day or week will show the trend of the measured parameter, meaning that non-typical readings are quickly spotted and accounted for. In addition, the trend graph is a valuable trouble-shooting aid, because specific measurements are related to time and so can be compared with other events happening at the same time.

Airlab Solution

At Airlab we have a wide range of logging equipment, to enable us to measure most parameters involved in monitoring heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We have the instruments to monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Pressure
  • Differential pressure
  • Flow
  • Velocity
  • Current

Once the data has been logged, it is downloaded from the logger to a computer for spread-sheet analysis and graphing. This can then help to form a picture of how the equipment is performing and can be used to develop reports on conditions or to investigate problems.