Airflow balancing


Air can be a “lazy” medium and likes to take the path of least resistance; it will want to come out of the outlet closest to the fan. This means outlets serving rooms a long way from the fan will be starved of airflow and as a consequence the thermal comfort in these areas will suffer. Balancing the airflows ensures that all areas receive the correct proportion of conditioned air. New systems are normally air balanced as a matter of course, however alterations often occur and the balance of the airflow system is disturbed, or becomes incorrect for a new layout. A system rebalance will correct this problem. Sometimes, even when new systems are not balanced and people complain from the initial occupancy of the premises.

Impact on Businesses

The correct quantity of air is important because it supplies the heating or cooling requirement for that space. With an unbalanced system the average temperature of the building must be raised in winter and lowered in summer to satisfy the areas with bad air circulation. In some cases people will compensate by bringing in portable electric heaters or by opening the windows – causing a serious waste of energy.

If you have a well balanced system, your air conditioning plant will run at optimum efficiency levels and provide a comfortable, even temperature throughout the building. The average temperature can be set lower in winter and higher in summer – meaning you will save money on your energy bills. In the summer you could save 10-15% and in winter 5-10% off the energy bill. You’ll also find that you receive fewer complaints from occupants and have to spend less money on servicing. Also, fans will run against the lowest possible pressure and deliver further energy saving.

Airlab Solution

Virtually all air conditioning systems utilise the flow of air into and out of a room as the medium to provide the thermal comfort of the space. This treated air is delivered to the space from the air conditioning unit, via network of ducts, to ceiling or wall outlets. It is these airflows that Airlab examine and balance. We systematically check and adjust all the building environmental systems, ensuring that all areas of the building achieve thermal comfort.