Airlab_Banner_AssuranceHighly Sensitive Environments

Airlab is accredited by IANZ in the class of Applied Physics, which means we perform specialist testing of specific areas. Certain environments require comprehensive testing and air analysis. We use our knowledge and expertise to ensure areas where indoor air quality is critical comply with the most stringent standards. Accreditation means we perform all analyses to internationally recognised standards and procedures.

Airlab complies with the Conformance standard NZS ISO/IGC 17025 (2005) – General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

The areas we test include:

Airlab has the equipment and expertise to perform all tests in these areas and more. For more information on our specialist services in these areas, please refer to our Services section.

In-depth Details

Our testing complies with the following methods:

  • AS1807: Cleanrooms, Workstations and Safety Cabinets:
    • AS1807.0 List of methods and apparatus
    • AS 1807.1 Determination of air velocity and uniformity of air velocity in clean workstations and laminar flow safety cabinets
    • AS 1807.2 Determination of performance of clean workstations and laminar flow safety cabinets under loaded filter conditions
    • AS 1807.3 Determination of air velocity and uniformity of air velocity in laminar flow cleanrooms
    • AS 1807.5 Determination of work zone integrity
    • AS 1807.6 Determination of integrity of terminally mounted HEPA filter installations
    • AS 1807.15 Determination of illuminance
    • AS 1807.16 Determination of sound level in cleanrooms
    • AS 1807.20 Determination of sound level at installed workstations and safety cabinets
    • AS 1807.21 Determination of inward air velocity of class I biological safety cabinets
    • AS 1807.22 Determination of air barrier containment of laminar flow safety cabinets
    • AS 1807.23 Determination of intensity of radiation from germicidal ultraviolet lamps
  • AS 2243.8 Safety in Laboratories: Fume cupboards
  • NSF 49 Class 2 (Laminar flow) Biohazard cabinetry
  • AS/NZS ISO 14644.3 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Test methods